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The Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel (Xi'an Datang Boxiangfu Jiudian) is located in Xi'an's Qujiang Resort Area next to such notable Xi'an attractions as the Wild Goose Pagoda and Tang Paradise cultural theme park.
This Xi'an hotel features Tang-Dynasty-style courtyards and offers guests a selection of well-appointed rooms with international direct dial phones,  air conditioners,  hair driers,  safes and electric kettles.[View Detail]    

住客评论 1250条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
  • e02270845
    General room facilities, poor quality, not worth the price
  • daisy87412
    Environment is very good, garden design is also very good. is the smell in the bathroom is very heavy, flooding my head. the breakfast is also very general.
  • peropero410
    Xian Tang dynasty art Garden Hotel in very good location, just beside the big wild goose pagoda, in front of Plaza, near the Mall, there are a lot of restaurant meals easy. hotel rooms are in the yard, not buildings. because there is no eating in the hotel, so not sure how Hotel food. overall very good!
  • gaoyifeng1984
    Although the rooms the bathroom is not perfect, but very beautiful scenery, unusual feelings, and Bo Fu Park neighborhood, with Datang, unparalleled, super nice Ah!!!
  • e02138275
    Location is good, the environment is also good, just think people are too complex, and weddings, services is recognized very well.
  • dingwei
    Hotel is great, close to the big wild goose pagoda-Courtyard San in three and out, worthy house courtyard design. room sleeping 4 persons is spacious, is the computer on the Kang, playing long is not very comfortable-breakfast very good.
  • Sternwanderer
    House view good morning fiddling around in the yard, or sit down and have a cup of tea, look at the Pagoda Hotel, if you are tired of the same business hotel chain, looking for Tang feels, you can live here
  • adatang0925
    Good location, playing, eating is very convenient, highly recommended
  • nesss
    Located right under the big wild goose pagoda and surrounding is very lively, dinner is very convenient to travel. hotel facilities some old, large room, bathroom was small, door open one turn around. but WINS in distinctive, antique, service also good ... breakfast OK, very few people. the hotel also sent a big box of specialty in Shaanxi Province.
  • Allen_Mo
    Hotel is good, but the breakfast needs to be improved. too many hotel sundries aisle corridor
  • jeff.vong
    Very good location, next to the big wild goose pagoda, antique rooms and the hotel is very charming and service is found, do not need facilities and international brands want to compare, not a type.
  • magella
    Which is very nice
  • lisiryxx
    Very good foreign guests are satisfied with
  • beibeinini
    That's good
  • love20100908
    Staying Shi phone Advisory Shi agreed free rose room was pretty surprise, but to shop Shi waiter actually back, OK at Advisory Shi last asked has waiter of name has has confrontation. room also is is has features of, but most has features of also is it perfect of location and courtyard type of unique design, make in the take static, addition it home of breakfast also is quite has features of, but to earlier to, worth a live!
  • e00148934
    Room is small, relatively cool, room all the year round Sun, not comfortable to live ... but the service was nothing to say, air conditioning not heating heating also has fruit snacks, everything. night bands and garden is also good, just not comfortable to live.
  • coollee1985
    Very satisfaction! is has Xian features of hotel, three into Chinese courtyard is beauty, facilities slightly old, but lots is too good has, and geese Tower near, but very quiet, sat in hospital in the on can see geese Tower, night also has China folk music performances, breakfast rich taste beauty, materials also is is, was also has three paper Fishbone health; waiter enthusiasm has ceremony, also will handwriting message told note matters, Shang II floor no elevator, waiter active help put luggage sent to room, is warm! yihou toXian also live here!
  • Geoffcn
    Very close to the big wild goose pagoda, nice, occasionally living is also quite good!
  • Toutuo ET
    In addition to the House, and other very good! anything!
  • SUSAN Ling
    Overall very good, room is slightly smaller, better than indoor outdoor environment, especially a small courtyard, quiet atmosphere, eating in the small courtyard is also a good choice, especially at night by candlelight.
  • nana_0513
    Service, and meticulous.
  • Raymond0325
    Hotels in and around Nice rooms good difference!
  • Jorney
    Good location, next to the big wild goose pagoda, antique, rooms are chic, sound is very good, had a good three days.
  • apr_ying
    Location was good, the service was very helpful, room is too small
  • dengyf
    Environment did not have to say, just on the edge of the big wild goose pagoda, really on the edge, and the hotel is in old style. but stupid for breakfast, what the hell this is! and the food not no more, cups bowls without fail.
  • e00043139
    Very nice!
  • conan0011
    Environmental antique good service attitude
  • angelayui
    Noisy in the morning because the room is poor
  • Joel promise condolences woo
    Very high end hotels, Tang-style, the hotel restaurant is delicious, taste of Shaanxi Province. all aspects of services did not have to say, value for money, the only fly in the ointment is the toilet doesn't work well, to ask the waiter several times.
  • Emilylijuanwen
    Big wild goose pagoda scenic area hotels, nice
  • dinosaur_ni
    Excellent hotel, in the middle of big wild goose pagoda and the Daci Heritage Park, the room will be able to see the big wild goose pagoda. main hotel cuisine, the internal environment is very good, although the rooms on the first floor which is quiet.
  • angellee_cn
    Good location, convenient, caring service, and recommend friends to the South-West of the Hui nationality golden century Ming fai building, third floor, eating, environmental dishes are very good. Family Suite, children having fun.
  • jeffrey120
    Haha trance trance trance trance trance trance trance haoyanhaoyu HA HA HA HA HA HA there is both good and bad she hesitated
  • baoxiaoyue
    Great location, big wild goose pagoda scenic area, parking is convenient
  • e00177251
    Next to the big wild goose pagoda, which is very convenient! is the bed was narrow, room was a bit small.
  • casualsurfer
    Environment, from the big wild goose pagoda 5 minutes. only one word fantastic
  • lucy.feng
    Which is very nice.
  • e02459319
    Surprise, sweet-scented osmanthus open, fragrance garden, balcony doors open, small garden and quiet
  • jessejj
    Hotel location is convenient, on business performance is also good
  • cll098
    Well, second stay, breakfast was terrible
  • ironwolf
    Very good hotel, location, condition, environment, services are satisfied, in particular environments, like live flowers and plants in the Park, the trees, the landscape is seductive, the yard will be able to see the big wild goose pagoda, go out they can see musical fountain, suitable for holiday stay, Xian will go again!
  • ljw828
    Hotel is a bit old, environment, great location
  • li7010
    Taking my wife to XI ' an, the hotel location is very good, it is worth staying, can come out at night to look at the big wild goose pagoda, can go to bar street feel Xian downtown. very pleasant stay.
  • lansiser
    The external environment of the hotel is very good, close to the big wild goose pagoda near. just 800 rooms were not very satisfied with room, showers, bathroom floor drain plug, to improve your point value.
  • lotlot
  • mobeijingru
    Also, breakfast was a bit, the waiter is a person does not know how the hotel arrangements.
  • Oilbeom
    Good service is good and the Manager has to force
  • lucyreimann
    Very good, except the bathroom too small, almost no problem to pick, great!
  • very07
    Pretty good, nice and quiet.
  • cpawjj
    Tang's style, which is the main feature.