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Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel Xi'an is located in Qujiang core scenic spot, a national 5A level tourist attraction in the ancient city of Xi'an. In the north, it is adjacent to the north square of the big wild goose pagoda, which has a large matrix music fountain in Asia. In the west, it is separated from the big wild goose pagoda, which has been famous at home and abroad for 1300 years; East of the famous Tang Da Ci'en Temple Ruins Park (Chunxiao garden); In the south, Qujiang, Datang never night city and Datang Furong garden are far away.
It is a Tang Culture Museum style boutique hotel specially designed for high-end guests all over the world who love Chinese traditional culture. The hotel imitates the architectural style of the Tang Dynasty. It has a courtyard pattern of three entrances. It integrates the scenery of Chinese classical gardens. It contains mountains and rivers and ancient trees in the house, showing the nobility of the royal family and nobles everywhere! It has elegant guest rooms and features of Chinese style residence; The hall of prime minister's residence, art gallery and private banquet of prime minister's residence make you not only feel the Tang people, Tang style and Tang rhyme, but also deeply feel the leisure, quietness and freedom in the bustling city.
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FAQs when booking at Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel Xi'an
  • How far is the hotel from Xi'an Xianyang International Airport?

    Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel Xi'an is 30.9km from the airport.

  • Does Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel Xi'an offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel Xi'an?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel Xi'an.

  • Does Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel Xi'an have a pool or gym?

    No, The hotel has no pool and fitness room. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel Xi'an have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel Xi'an offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel Xi'an accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel Xi'an accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel Xi'an?

    Each costs cny98 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel Xi'an?

    The room prices is from cny770, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

  • Which room type has a balcony?

    The hotel's leisure rooms and Xiangfu suites all have small balconies.

Reviews more
  • jerry3227
    First of all, the overall evaluation: the environment is good, and the details are not enough. First of all, the hotel is set up according to the antique courtyard. The environment is elegant. It's next to the wild goose pagoda. There are welcome fruits. It's delicious. Only in this point, the others are not satisfactory: cleaning is not serious enough, there are not cleaned cigarette ends under the washing table (the fourth picture); TV uses telecommunication network signal, which is often jammed (picture 5); The water in the shower is very slow. The water is leaking out of the bathroom (Photo 3); The suite is only for two people. It's quite expensive, but compared with other rooms with the same price, the size is different. The view is very cramped for the living room in the front yard (the eighth one). It's adjacent to the dining room. I really feel that the price doesn't match the room, but the small room is in the quiet middle yard and backyard. In a word, it's not because of the small courtyard and geographical location. The price is not worth it. It's better to live in a famous five-star hotel.
  • angela49
    The environment is good. The air conditioner is loud. Breakfast is a little lower than this price.
  • aegeansea
    Everything else is very good, but it's too old. The air conditioner has been ringing all night. I'm sorry about the price.
  • jiangtianying
    Next to the big wild goose pagoda, breakfast is ordinary. Its predecessor is the Tang Dynasty Museum. It's antique and integrated with the surrounding scenic spots. It's very interesting. The hotel service is also quite intimate.
  • yufei8403
    The location is good, but the hotel facilities are very general. Some things are even broken, and the room is small. Generally speaking, it is not worth the price.
  • davidtan
    Antique hotels also have good service, moderate price and a little less breakfast variety.
  • yifenyingbi
    The hotel drinks are more expensive and the smoke in the hall is heavier
  • Limingna
    The environment is good and comfortable.
  • e02310138
    The hotel is very recommended. I went to the APEC holiday and ordered a double bed room. The room conditions are general, the hardware is very warm, but the hotel environment is very good! You can see the wild goose pagoda in the yard, surrounded by a park, close to the Shaanxi Museum, and it's convenient to eat. But it is far from Huimin street and North railway station. In general, if you want to play in the scenic spots of Qujiang, you can live here! Will come again!
  • linlin38
  • d00838189
    It's a very special hotel. I feel very good
  • airanranwo
    The location of the hotel is excellent, not far from the wild goose pagoda, and the music fountain is nearby. There is a hotel, which is a representative of the government food. The price is slightly higher, but the taste is very good. The hotel houses are small, the toilet facilities are general, and there is no bath. You can stay for two days when you visit the surrounding scenic spots.
  • bravelord
    First class environment, insufficient rooms.
  • jimengya
    It is next to the wild goose pagoda, with good geographical location and general facilities and services.
  • lxl6031
    The courtyard hotel itself is the scenery. The room is antique, but the bathroom is too small and cool.
  • loretta55
    Super feeling and environment.
  • angeljan2008
    The hotel is very special! The room is very comfortable! Great location! Go out is the wild goose pagoda! Quiet in the middle of trouble! Convenient transportation! Very good experience! The disadvantage is that the bathroom mirror is too high! Come back and live here! Special hotel!
  • pingping_8110
    Very good hotel, distinctive, antique, as if dreaming back to the Tang Dynasty!
  • li535632675
    The hotel environment is good, but the room facilities are not very good, and the toilet sewer has a bad smell.
  • focus_sang
    The hotel is under the big wild goose pagoda. The location is very good, the environment is good, but it is too far away from the front desk, which is inconvenient..
  • e00055350
    I mainly like the style and environment here...
  • e00043139
    Very beautiful!
  • e02440135
    It is worthy of Master Zhang Jinqiu's design. The architecture is full of Tang flavor, and there is no hard injury. The landscape of the big bed room and the garden is really good, but the room area is a little small, especially the toilet space is limited, so I'm sorry for the price.
  • alibor
    Very good! Very close to the wild goose pagoda! The hotel environment is very good! Free upgrade from standard room to family suite and gift box! like it very much!
  • cici112
    I don't have to say the environment. The service is average. The hardware is a little old.
  • cutecicy
    Good location. Just take a few steps to see the music fountain of the wild goose pagoda. It's a little inconvenient to take a taxi. Furong Road is one-way. But it's convenient to walk around the wild goose pagoda square and go to Datang Furong garden. There is a suite upstairs and downstairs. There is no bathroom upstairs, which is slightly inconvenient. Chinese style large French windows and doors open to the garden. There is no independent terrace. It is said that there is no view, but that's the case with Chinese style houses. Breakfast is average.
  • e00900161
    The hotel is very distinctive and fully reflects the style of Chinese classical architecture. It is both a garden and a hotel. The hotel has an excellent location, separated by a wall from the wild goose pagoda, with convenient transportation and a lot of delicious food. In particular, the service of the hotel is very considerate from check-in to check-out, which is a value for money experience.
  • gun304
    Considerate service, perfect facilities, children are very happy, the next trip will choose to stay!
  • Lady eggs
    Good environment
  • cagalli1984
    The cost performance is not high. There are few kinds of breakfast. It is conveniently located next to the music fountain of the wild goose pagoda
  • dingr1
    Good. I have another choice next time!
  • e00089187
  • alex8111958
    I feel very good and considerate. There are fruits every day. Breakfast is rich and of good quality.
  • freegrace
    The hotel is located in the wild goose pagoda scenic spot, with quiet in the midst of trouble and convenient transportation. The room is designed in Chinese style. It feels very good.
  • dengyf
    There is no need to say about the environment. It's beside the wild goose pagoda. It's really on the edge, and the hotel is antique. But it's stupid at breakfast. What the hell! And the dishes are not added, the cups and bowls are not added
  • andrewxu76
    The unique Datang style hotel is worth living, but the toilet facilities are too poor.
  • m01341428
  • luno0924
    It's very close to the wild goose pagoda. It's antique! Unfortunately, the quilt is a little wet. The door of the bathroom is next to the toilet. This design is too speechless
  • geduo
    The location of the hotel is very good. It's convenient to visit any scenic spot in Xi'an. At night, you can go to the square to see the hot springs. You can also go to the snack street to have supper. The front desk of the hotel is very polite. The room also gives you a box of Shaanxi specialties. The waiter is very considerate. It's almost difficult to find the hotel. It's very busy here. If you drive, it's very congested. The hotel is on the fountain square
  • bigcallus
    It's a very unique hotel and a very happy stay experience. I'll choose it next time I come to Xi'an
  • runbb
    The sound insulation is not good.
  • er grt
    It's a very good hotel with high taste. I'll stay next time.
  • e00791840
    The design of the parent-child room is good, but the WiFi signal in the yard is not good, and the room is good
  • bd7588871
    There is no heating in the room. The heating effect of the air conditioner is not good. It's a little cold for northerners!
  • donturtle
    Antique buildings are very suitable for foreigners. The hotel is very beautiful and the gardening is first-class. It is important that the hotel only takes 1 minute to walk to the music fountain and the two scenic spots around Datang Ci'en Temple. Super convenient, super good environment!
  • bennydong2009
    It's a good hotel. The service is quite up to standard and the dishes are authentic. Not to mention the location.
  • Bbluebonny
  • sy_jxd
    Room environment is good, the first floor with a balcony, the door is the wild goose pagoda, courtyard Chinese style, very classical, breakfast in general
  • erictory
    First class environment and excellent service
  • e00186198
    The location is really good. It is close to the wild goose pagoda. You can see the wild goose pagoda in the yard. Walk around the corner at night and directly enjoy the fountain in the square. The courtyard is exquisite and antique, and sweet scented osmanthus fragrance from time to time in this season. The coffee for breakfast is very good. The area of double standard room and toilet is small, and the towel is a little old. The service was quite good, and they responded to every request. The room network signal is not good, and the waiter will come and fix it immediately; The bath barrel in the bathroom is inconvenient, and the waiter will come and move away immediately; The bathroom was flooded and the waiter came to clean it immediately. But there are also some unimportant small requirements (for example, one more loofah) that will be forgotten if they are not reminded again. Generally speaking, it's not bad and will stay.
  • weiwei7206
    1. Let's talk about the location first. It's located next to the wild goose pagoda. It's very convenient to go to the wild goose pagoda and North Square. It's not convenient to go anywhere else. You can never get a taxi. There's no taxi service at the front desk. The bus is always crowded. There's a one-way street at the door. The bus stop from the city is really far from the hotel. When I came back to take a taxi, every driver refused to hear about the wild goose pagoda (Xi'an taxi drivers pick up passengers to the extreme. If someone carpools on the roadside, they won't ask for your opinions already sitting in the car). 2. The facilities of the hotel were originally intended to check in with cultural connotation. Unexpectedly, alas!!! Nostalgia or retro doesn't mean simplicity. I live in a leisure room. The basin faucet in the bathroom is made of copper. The direction of the two switches of cold water and hot water is backhand. I'm not used to it and it's a little shaky. The shower and shower head in the shower are also made of copper, but the interface between the copper pipes is made of plastic pipe, which is not sealed. When the tap is turned on, the interface will spray water, and how to manipulate the shower head will not give water. Maybe I really don't know the secret. When the telephone on the bedside table is touched gently, the telephone line behind it will fall off. A closer look shows that the spring head of the crystal head of the telephone line is broken. The room number indicated on the telephone is different from the actual living room number. The same problem occurs on the paper room card. The bathroom is almost as narrow as the three - to four-star hotels on Hong Kong Island. The sound insulation effect between rooms is very poor. The sound of flushing and washing in the bathroom next door can be heard clearly. Other facilities in the guest room were not tried. 3. Now let's focus on service. First of all, I admit that the attitude of the waiters is very good. When checking out, the front desk also kindly prompted me to go to the airport early. Breakfast should start at 7:00 (I didn't ask). When I arrived at the restaurant at 7:20, except that a few boiled eggs were hot, the rest should have been hot. The dishes were warm. After the previous group of guests left, they couldn't be taken away in time. At first glance, there were only three waiters in the whole restaurant, one at the door, one making drinks, and only one taking the dishes. After staying in the hotel for 3 days, I saw the hotel staff with walkie talkie sitting in the lobby talking with their friends on 2 days, which was very unprofessional. The hotel also provides wedding banquet service. The place providing wedding banquet ceremony is located between the front desk lobby and the guest room area. Rehearsals were held on May 1 and 2. There were many idle people and it was very noisy. The ceremony began at noon on the 3rd. It happened that I needed to go out for lunch. The only way to the front desk was blocked by seats. I discussed with them to borrow a way and ignored you,When I was about to go to the guest room to call the front desk to complain, a cleaner took the initiative to take me out, so I had to make a detour through the outdoor balcony of other guest rooms to the front desk. At that time, I complained. Later, when I checked out, I gave me the blue and white porcelain key chain. I don't know if I want to make up for it. I don't know what the hotel owner thinks. Is the guest experience more important than a social wedding??? 4. Health should be OK. Conclusion: there is no cultural shell and no concept of modern service! P / s: originally refused to give a score on the service, but without this item, I had to choose very poor. At the same time, it is stated that this service evaluation has nothing to do with hotel attendants, and refers to the service concept of managers.
  • e01392633
    Very good
  • jiangjian1115
    Hotel location is very good, go out is the wild goose pagoda, parking convenience, hotel facilities are very general, but the air and environment is very good, breakfast is ground coffee, good!
  • batisa
    Very good
  • e00745153
    Antique. Close to the wild goose pagoda, it is very characteristic and high-grade. However, there was a pillar beside the bed and a lamp with a ceramic cover on it. I accidentally hit it. When I checked out, I offered 1000 yuan for compensation (just dozens of pieces of goods). I firmly refused. The waiter reduced the price to 800 and then to 600. Because we have to catch the high-speed railway, it's over for 200.
  • GeniiLu
    Good location. Good service. Good environment. The room is small.
  • lucynnajing
    The hotel has its own characteristics and good environment
  • lynnfirst
    An antique hotel with artistic conception, adjacent to the wild goose pagoda and Qujiang Ruins Park, it is antique. Breakfast was good. I didn't have a chance to taste dinner. No swimming pool, front desk and business center. Only 1600 meters away from the provincial history museum, it is an excellent place to taste the Tang Dynasty. Because it's in the tourist center, it's a little noisy outside the window, but it doesn't affect the rest. Come to Xi'an and live here in the future! There is a parking lot at the door, but it's a little small. Self driving should be reserved in advance.
  • angeo123
    not bad
  • intrepid
    The location and environment are very good. The leisure room has been upgraded for free. The service has to be said. You must live!
  • noomnus
    A very distinctive hotel. The environment is very good. Quiet in the middle of trouble. Good, good.
  • A-cai
    Royal courtyard with traditional style, beautiful!
  • Devil_F
    It's a very special hotel, which is worth visiting