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The Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel (Xi'an Datang Boxiangfu Jiudian) is located in Xi'an's Qujiang Resort Area next to such notable Xi'an attractions as the Wild Goose Pagoda and Tang Paradise cultural theme park.
This Xi'an hotel features Tang-Dynasty-style courtyards and offers guests a selection of well-appointed rooms with international direct dial phones,  air conditioners,  hair driers,  safes and electric kettles.[View Detail]    

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  • j0306d
    Environment is very simple, with its own characteristics. from the big wild goose pagoda, hibiscus Park, Shaanxi History Museum are very close, very convenient.
  • deniselin
    Loves his family environment, very quiet, decorated in old style, breakfast freshly brewed coffee for free! to Xian will be staying in a hotel!
  • nancy86910
    Forgot to take pictures, a good environment, there are gardens, then when you go to the Airport found wallet in the hotel, call hotel front desk, sent back on the same day, it's really good
  • sageamy
    Room more stark
  • fuxueji
    Hotel TV and environment are special good, on like in Park in the, set of leisure room morning up can in himself of small yard tea, chat. deliberately arrangements in Xian last day in this hotel rest, Dad MOM is satisfaction. lunch on in Hotel eat of, three people 300 yuan. two Bowl surface, a copies Guo Kui, two copies dish, think good. strong recommended, yihou to also will live. but hotel bathroom relative smaller, I of room shower spent sprinkled cannot fixed, hope give attention.
  • dapengpeng1987
    Very good, big wild goose pagoda can be seen in the hotel, walk around the scenery
  • Amblin
    Are good! is the food my appetite! breakfast variety was a little!
  • dabao1226
    Is the third time staying at Hotel is as well. is located in next to the big wild goose pagoda, antique, easy parking, convenient travel. service is very good, when we arrived, luckily upgraded to deluxe room, located on the middle position, it is very quiet, there is a small balcony.
  • laurawang79
    Found in the bathroom not cleaned cigarette butts, bathroom small, and turned up at the moment, shower drain barrier, water covering the ankle, the toilet often plug, which I can only say HA HA.
  • Doombringer
    Fine, antique, Qujiang tourist area is located in the downtown area, and also lucky to be free upgrade to a family suite?! But compared with the big brands, hotel management, in some places, looking at a bit of a mess!
  • allen-li
    Environmental position is excellent. Hotel Street is a one-way street, every time round the. location is scenic, no supermarket nearby.
  • castrate
    Accommodation and catering and the surrounding goose? proposal package and benefits, promotion and extension of check out time for two days.
  • arc nag
    Hotel location is very good, and very close to the area. go to the big wild goose pagoda and the Datang Furong garden easy. within the environment of the hotel is very good, is features antique, kids think we are living in the Tang Dynasty Hotel. only satisfaction was found under the pillow hair. health aspects also need to be strengthened.
  • a125ffrgggfg
    Hotel made up of several courtyards, friends staying together out of the room in the courtyard drinking tea, chatting, the environment elegant, looked up and could see the big wild goose pagoda, Xian also staying here next time. the hotel staff are very friendly, guest requests in the first response, feel great!
  • magella
    Which is very nice
  • ceriselan
    Very nice hotel, rooms and elegant bed comfortable ... come back stay in XI ' an.
  • jctany
    That's good.
  • bigcallus
    Very special hotel and very happy experience, next time you visit XI ' an, select here
  • darcy317
    Good location, big wild goose pagoda Plaza to the north side, into the patio of the hotel are beautiful! room is really small, especially the bathroom.
  • duanyu_210
    Very good location, hotel facilities old
  • e02270845
    General room facilities, poor quality, not worth the price
  • May_gu0109
    A very good environment, the surrounding environment is also good!
  • e02138275
    Location is good, the environment is also good, just think people are too complex, and weddings, services is recognized very well.
  • baotou
    Hotel services are good, enthusiastic staff, room facilities, daily complimentary fruits. buffet breakfast variety, they taste good. bridges within the hotel, a typical Chinese characteristics, dinner atmosphere is good, food is also good.
  • ltycindy
    Play around outside of business is easy
  • lei513896311
    Beautiful hotel, excellent service, close to the pedestrian street, holiday choice
  • caroljing1986
    Featured hotels in ... on the edge of the big wild goose pagoda.
  • edison_min
    I to Xian resident this sprinkled shop. hotel location is good, on in geese Tower next. around attractions many, door not far is music fountain, night has performances. Hotel main is catering mainly, and taste is good, price some small your. rooms not more, room is unlikely to. the staying of extreme suite is to convenient jieqin, is good of select. has home of feel.
  • lovely_lily
    Location in geese Tower near, location is good, out is geese Tower square, away from Datang Lotus Park is very near of, environment good, ancient type ancient ancient incense of building, pavilions. next also will select this hotel. Family Suite is big, 2 Zhang double bed also has a big Kang, 6 a people live also can. service is very of good, day found air conditioning somewhat leaking, call staff immediately to has and let we can for a between room, wants to wants to rare trouble on didn't for, didn't thought second daysWent back to the hotel, staff also wrote a note of apology and send small gifts to the Sun
  • ljw828
    Hotel is a bit old, environment, great location
  • tony2150
    Hotel is situated in a park next to the big wild goose pagoda, environment is very good,
  • ring_cb
    A good environment, because road traffic around inconvenient
  • e00177251
    Next to the big wild goose pagoda, which is very convenient! is the bed was narrow, room was a bit small.
  • e04380057
    Well, next to the big wild goose pagoda, travel within walking distance! very classical
  • jeffft
    Nice, ... clean, service is good ... next time will stay
  • Man.ocean
    Style features, travel convenience.
  • greatwudi
    Garden Hotel, while outside is a pedestrian street, but it does not affect, check also super fast, recommended!
  • liuweisongjing
    All right
  • fengxuelan
    Features, Garden chic, bridge view room had tatami mats for kids
  • lwfire1981
    Hotel location is very good, just under the big wild goose pagoda, meals in the hotel gardens, you can see ancient massive pagoda in the sunset. room is Chinese-style patterns, beautiful fruits every day, very warm. catch is the bathroom mirror, was too high, and are in accordance with the standard of 180 m please?
  • jifuyu
    A little old, nice
  • rabumi
    Hotel services and facilities a bit dated, bathroom not very reasonable
  • neemem
    Location of the hotel was great, big wild goose pagoda scenic area, parks and squares all around. eating business district is also within walking distance.
  • e01588754
    Chinese antique building one with the Millennium big wild goose pagoda, XI ' an, it is for us to find.
  • biu91223751
    Husband thinks very grounding air hotel, nice
  • ssww1231
    Years ago lived well! has the opportunity to live it!, as always, good sweet!
  • luno0924
    Very close to the big wild goose pagoda, antique drop! but the quilt is a little damp, bathroom next to the toilet, this design was too speechless
  • et313239
    Very good hotel, in a quiet, convenient
  • jing19900127
    Hotel is an imitation Tang dynasty architectural style, Chinese style, elegant rooms, family suites set, room very well, the Bay window is very beautiful. good location, just next to the pagoda, located in the 4A scenic spot, green everywhere, fountains, garden-style buildings,
  • gfdbd
    A very good environment