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Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel Xi'an is located in the core scenic spot of Qujiang, a national 5A-level tourist sacred place in the ancient city of Xi'an. It is north of Dayan Pagoda North Square, which has a large matrix-type musical fountain in Asia. The Great Wild Goose Pagoda at home and abroad is separated by a wall; the famous Tang Daci En Temple Ruins Park (Chunxiao Garden) in the east; the Qujiang Great Tang Night City and the Tang Dynasty Furong Garden in the south.
Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel Xi'an is a Tang Cultural Museum-style boutique hotel specially designed for high-end guests around the world who love traditional Chinese culture. The hotel is in the style of a Tang-style building, with a three-in courtyard pattern, blending with Chinese classical garden scenery. The landscape and ancient trees are in the house, showing the royal and noble elegance everywhere! There are elegant guest rooms, boasting the characteristics of a Chinese-style residence; Xiangfu lobby, art gallery, Xiangfu private banquet, let you feel the Tang, Tang style, Tang Yun, and deeply appreciate a leisure, quiet in the bustling downtown And at ease.
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  • eluna1982
    A very good environment, the traffic is very convenient, highly recommended!
  • sunny53
    Well, next time
  • avsunline
    The perfect experience, human services, convenience, breakfast, coffee and spicy
  • flyingben
    Hotel is on the edge of the big wild goose pagoda, environment nice, rooms and gardens into one, opening the door can sit in the garden, it is suitable for leisure, there is ample time to soak in the hotel's recommended
  • e00108707
  • E04443131
    The hotel is easily accessible, the environment quite well, MOM and dad happy.
  • fifi1992
    Hotels in scenic areas, Tang dynasty-style courtyard, atmosphere, landscape, is unique. also classical music performances in the evening, felt. a large room, facilities, bathroom small. can be used as a unique experience, stay one or two nights.
  • E02482620
    , I am very much satisfied with the hotel, but peer friends feel expensive. hotel location is great, suggested not needing the money, you can choose here, there will be surprises.
  • guo6711039
    Hotel location excellent, near the pagoda, and not far from the comprehensive commercial, transportation, shopping, and dining easy. Hotel hardware implementation of good, Chinese style garden, Chinese style furniture, fly in the ointment is the front desk staff lack of positive communication with people, greeted the initiative, smiling, asked the demand side hoping for an upgrade.
  • nmw008
    808 Yuan! incredible, so will selected hotel of I, absolute is history Shang maximum once failure! were it not for prepaid has, 100% will check out Ah. room giant small, bathroom door opening and closing of when was also wipe with toilet side, can imagine did? into to heart are cool has half, up value 500 support died has. service is, front desk of boys silly of, also didn't courtesy, has been in received phone not do staying, too poor has anyway! strongly not recommended!
  • aaronyang1986
    Room playing halfway
  • ccprincess_Lady
  • jujucn
    Oh well, loves the environment!
  • wolfstetter
    Temporary stay one more day stay, before the reviews, very pleased with this hotel, will live in the future.
  • fengxuelan
    Features, Garden chic, bridge view room had tatami mats for kids
  • e04657159
    Location is also very convenient room ventilation around the well nearly
  • lilongji
    Environment is very good, very nice hotel! Hardware devices in General!
  • E02303228
    Well worth living
  • laygril
    I stayed in a suite, the feeling is very good.
  • groundness
    Surrounding bad room not a little bad
  • jssts
    Spring Festival, fair prices, good environment, as well as Shaanxi gift box, surprise.
  • yinlu0410
    That's good
  • guopetrel
    Work design Zhang jinqiu, harmony with the surrounding body.
  • e00177251
    Next to the big wild goose pagoda, which is very convenient! is the bed was narrow, room was a bit small.
  • Hell ~ ~
    Which is very nice
  • evadreaming
    Quite satisfactory. traffic visitors praise. good location, close to the big wild goose pagoda, good scenery, night walk also convenient pleasant. dining and shopping are convenient, big wild goose pagoda is the Golden shopping mall in the West, there are new on the sky at night, very beautiful. Service, waiters dressed in Hanfu leads directly to your room, stay there when bands. checkout quickly. Breakfast, not a lot, but freshly ground coffee. Hotel InteriorWell, in Han and Tang dynasty style, culture. The hotel room is not much, still feeling there is cultural heritage, after living here.
  • iris727000
    And we think it's great.
    Really of is has China traditional features of hotel, in geese Tower Xia, tour Yanta-Qujiang CCP of perfect location. garden beautiful quiet, can see geese Tower of above three level, landscape very beautiful. outside is music fountain, street, Qin Han Tang a article Street, is lively, evening outside packed, and garden is is make in the take static, no is noisy sound. close to CI en SI site, no wall, Windows can open, was in Park chorus day somewhat noisy, not open window wordsCannot hear. staff very good. room Chinese antique furniture, antique, wood flooring, beds and quilts are all very comfortable, air conditioning can adjust temperature. toilet too small, toilet and vanity are relatively close, bucket tub. think nothing, is acceptable. Rooms noisy around, families with children, and sundry! martyrdom! and rest well at night, everything everything good is destroyed by these people, leisure farChildren! recommended hotel for guests with children after setting up a dedicated floor and region, children are cute, are parents of treasure, but not just those lovely children, please leave us some peace!
  • anranlili
    Very nice hotel, the feeling of the old Beijing, the location is also very good, go out not far from the Metro station, very convenient.
  • beber
    In Qujiang new district, located in the big wild goose pagoda Plaza, on the edge is CI en SI Heritage Park and the big wild goose pagoda and is a hotel of the antique culture. XI ' an authentic restaurant dish, the taste is unique, it's no wonder full. snow make the hotel look more beautiful, so first night after confusion in the court yard hotel elegance.
  • j5106899
    Location good, close to geese Tower, big CI en SI site and known as Asia maximum of waterscape fountain; make in the take static, two layer double Windows blocked has window street of voice; yard landscape is good also quiet, not hot of when in yard of leisure Chair Shang sit is comfortable; child can run to run to, and just awareness of children are with game. relative hotel of general grade,, breakfast type not is more, especially Western snack compared simple, but also can accept; room no imagineSmall hotel restaurant catering more expensive; lack of bed a bit hard and not comfortable enough.
  • evinini
    Has the style of Tang dynasty
  • Carina
    Which is very nice!
  • e00047730
    On the edge of the big wild goose pagoda, Tang next to the city that never sleeps.
  • LI3413
    Very nice hotel, very ancient, the service is good, the room comfortable
  • tdadywrc
    Well, next time
  • bojuegundam
    Location great. Qi Liu's little girl at the front desk service was very good, recommended bus lines exactly practical. breakfast also good breakfast!
  • e00473195
    Standard rooms are beautiful, yard is very large. fruit the first day, and breakfast was excellent ... next to the big wild goose pagoda ... good location
  • anne168333
    Good location, good, recommended
  • serrer
    Chinese Courtyard Hotel, food good
  • jee2009
    Environment is very good, the service is also very good, is bathroom toilets often have water in the region, like there is no leakage, only the shower water
  • aiding919
  • maggie19830629
    Very good hotel, full of sweet-scented osmanthus fragrant, feeling that living in a Prime Minister's Palace!
  • e02270845
    General room facilities, poor quality, not worth the price
  • olaman
    Foreign friends to book one of the hotels, the hotel is located in the big wild goose pagoda scenic area, with the theme of promoting the culture of Tang dynasty Garden Hotel, unique store building, and calligraphy, calligraphy and painting, as well as exclusive music, sets national arts, culture and civilization as a whole, after friends last time, this time named the hotel.
  • snowmanlau
    Travel booking this hotel, lived in a room, two reserved for foreign visitors. entered the hotel, shocked foreign guests, ask me: this is the garden! I said this was integrated into the culture of ancient cultures featured hotels, they like, said Xian is a good place right now.
  • louieniu
    All right
  • E00491639
    Very good, the price is right
  • e01917567
    Front desk staff very helpful for my elderly parents very happy. Hotel away from the scenic spots within easy reach for tourists is the best but. layout of the room is very warm ... anyway good 👍
  • bing520m
    Hotel staff very nice, very polite, very elegant, equipment is very well equipped, rooms are a little small, but beside the big wild goose pagoda, very convenient! recommended!