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The Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel (Xi'an Datang Boxiangfu Jiudian) is located in Xi'an's Qujiang Resort Area next to such notable Xi'an attractions as the Wild Goose Pagoda and Tang Paradise cultural theme park.
This Xi'an hotel features Tang-Dynasty-style courtyards and offers guests a selection of well-appointed rooms with international direct dial phones,  air conditioners,  hair driers,  safes and electric kettles.[View Detail]    

住客评论 1224条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
  • angelayui
    Noisy in the morning because the room is poor
  • Joel promise condolences woo
    Very high end hotels, Tang-style, the hotel restaurant is delicious, taste of Shaanxi Province. all aspects of services did not have to say, value for money, the only fly in the ointment is the toilet doesn't work well, to ask the waiter several times.
  • Emilylijuanwen
    Big wild goose pagoda scenic area hotels, nice
  • dinosaur_ni
    Excellent hotel, in the middle of big wild goose pagoda and the Daci Heritage Park, the room will be able to see the big wild goose pagoda. main hotel cuisine, the internal environment is very good, although the rooms on the first floor which is quiet.
  • angellee_cn
    Good location, convenient, caring service, and recommend friends to the South-West of the Hui nationality golden century Ming fai building, third floor, eating, environmental dishes are very good. Family Suite, children having fun.
  • jeffrey120
    Haha trance trance trance trance trance trance trance haoyanhaoyu HA HA HA HA HA HA there is both good and bad she hesitated
  • baoxiaoyue
    Great location, big wild goose pagoda scenic area, parking is convenient
  • e00177251
    Next to the big wild goose pagoda, which is very convenient! is the bed was narrow, room was a bit small.
  • casualsurfer
    Environment, from the big wild goose pagoda 5 minutes. only one word fantastic
  • lucy.feng
    Which is very nice.
  • e02459319
    Surprise, sweet-scented osmanthus open, fragrance garden, balcony doors open, small garden and quiet
  • jessejj
    Hotel location is convenient, on business performance is also good
  • cll098
    Well, second stay, breakfast was terrible
  • ironwolf
    Very good hotel, location, condition, environment, services are satisfied, in particular environments, like live flowers and plants in the Park, the trees, the landscape is seductive, the yard will be able to see the big wild goose pagoda, go out they can see musical fountain, suitable for holiday stay, Xian will go again!
  • ljw828
    Hotel is a bit old, environment, great location
  • li7010
    Taking my wife to XI ' an, the hotel location is very good, it is worth staying, can come out at night to look at the big wild goose pagoda, can go to bar street feel Xian downtown. very pleasant stay.
  • lansiser
    The external environment of the hotel is very good, close to the big wild goose pagoda near. just 800 rooms were not very satisfied with room, showers, bathroom floor drain plug, to improve your point value.
  • lotlot
  • mobeijingru
    Also, breakfast was a bit, the waiter is a person does not know how the hotel arrangements.
  • Oilbeom
    Good service is good and the Manager has to force
  • lucyreimann
    Very good, except the bathroom too small, almost no problem to pick, great!
  • very07
    Pretty good, nice and quiet.
  • cpawjj
    Tang's style, which is the main feature.
  • e00142487
    Overall good, are like restaurant meals.
  • lamterence
    Very nice hotel, very convenient viewing.
  • c3a10
    A very good environment, towels if better better
  • a15053
    Oh well
  • greatwudi
    Garden Hotel, while outside is a pedestrian street, but it does not affect, check also super fast, recommended!
  • crx318
    The location is very good, and shopping attractions are very close. Hotel Vintage, the rise will be able to see the big wild goose pagoda, the only downside is the bathroom too small facilities in some old
  • ad9859
    Is has features of a hotel, antique garden garden design, room is antique, pushed antique door on can see garden, unfortunately to of time is winter, if is other season, sat in door of Chair Shang, tea Internet should is a is comfortable of thing. also has hotel of location also very good, close to geese Tower, go in hotel in of garden looked up on can clear of see geese Tower. away from shaan Bo and I most love of Zi Wu Lu meat clip bun drive are not over 5 minutes.
  • feitiantaxue
    Environment of the hotel says is antediluvian. Nice, big wild goose pagoda here, walk half an hour from the Museum to the. room slightly small, but tourism is in the room to rest. wondering if fountain next to the hotel, very nice.
  • littlecoco
    Recommended people visit the big wild goose pagoda, were staying at the store, very good great hotel, leave you wanting for much much more!
  • baojessie
    Parents and children together nice around easily
  • FMJ8816
    Very good. room slightly small little ... heard that this hotel used to be a museum. husband like. and classical music in the evening. very good.
  • lei513896311
    Beautiful hotel, excellent service, close to the pedestrian street, holiday choice
  • edison_min
    I to Xian resident this sprinkled shop. hotel location is good, on in geese Tower next. around attractions many, door not far is music fountain, night has performances. Hotel main is catering mainly, and taste is good, price some small your. rooms not more, room is unlikely to. the staying of extreme suite is to convenient jieqin, is good of select. has home of feel.
  • cleverdeer
    Environment special!
  • boxinda
    Hotel location is very good, services, facilities very good, breakfast very good, suitable for all kinds of tastes of people. begin reservation for one night only, due to feeling good and staying the night. to stay here next time.
  • jerry3227
    First said General evaluation; environment good, details insufficient. first said of, hotel by antique garden set, environment elegant, on in geese Tower next, has welcomes fruit, is delicious. just wins in this is, other on poor; clean enough seriously, wash Taiwan Xia has not clean of cigarette (fourth Zhang); TV is with telecommunications network signal, often stuck (fifth Zhang); shower between water is slow, water are leak to toilet outside has (third Zhang); set of Suite only two people live, isMore expensive, but compared with price and other rooms vary in size and landscape the front yard's living room is cramped (eighth), adjacent to the restaurant, really think the price and the rooms don't match, but small rooms in the quiet courtyard and backyard. to sum up, not rely on the internal small garden and location, is not worth the price than famous five star for an enjoyable stay.
  • jammyyao
    Environment is very good, staff are very polite, in the field for the first time for the new year, and spree, making people feel warm!
  • babyfacebo
    Rooms small, the environment is good
  • elsiecs
    Great hotel with first-class facilities. comfort and look up you can see the big wild goose pagoda, Xian also staying here next time. the hotel staff are very friendly, guest requests in the first response. very good
  • xwen16
    Good, recommended
  • Lanny2211
    Hotel location at the foot of the big wild goose pagoda, surrounded by the ruins of Daci Park, big wild goose pagoda square, quiet surroundings. Airport far from hotel, near from the railway station, take a taxi to the airport 200 Yuan. The hotel itself is a three-yard, very elegant layout, breakfast was good, service was very good. Hotel indoor network speed, do not know is not pulled over because of where I live. no computer room, need Office needs to bring their own. the indoor healthCorner, the ashes from his door to find the bed, the last guests leave cigarette butts, was cleared in a timely manner by staff.
  • mriafeng
    Environment is good, convenient
  • annie_6
    Close to the big wild goose pagoda, quiet, great environment, when you live here
  • allyears
    Lots is is rod of, on in geese Tower and music square side Shang, environment also is good, hotel internal Pavilion hospital also is beauty. to shop Shi told room upgrade has is happy, service also more intimate, gift has fruit and Xian specialty, is hotel facilities too old, special bathroom has odor and is small, too poor, table also is has cracks of suite upstairs no bathroom, night also have run a floor, feel price enough high. If put bathroom good transformation about on good has
  • guopetrel
    Work design Zhang jinqiu, harmony with the surrounding body.
  • lwfire1981
    Hotel location is very good, just under the big wild goose pagoda, meals in the hotel gardens, you can see ancient massive pagoda in the sunset. room is Chinese-style patterns, beautiful fruits every day, very warm. catch is the bathroom mirror, was too high, and are in accordance with the standard of 180 m please?
  • jxaa154032
    Very good