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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
большой Сианьский танбо (Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel Xi'an), отель расположен в древнем городе Сиане, достопримечательности класса 5а – центр живописи на реке цюаньцзян, северная сторона имеет большой матричный музыкальный фонтан в Азии, большой площадь гусей, Северная площадь, запад и после 1300 лет дождей, знаменитых и зарубежных пагода диких гусей, на востоке расположен знаменитый парк великого храма милосердия (чунь сяоюань), юг и река цюаньцзян, большой город Тань ночью, большой Тан Фужун сад далеко от сцены.отель является музейным и художественным отелем, созданным специально для высокопоставленных гостей во всем мире, которые любят традиционную культуру китая.отель построен по типу Тань стиль, тройной вход во двор модели, интеграция классического китайского парка, naшань воды, древние деревья в столице, везде очевидны королевской, уважаемые и благородные!в номере есть изящный номер, удобное расположение в центре города, удобное расположение в центре города, художественная галерея, интерьерский банкет, чтобы вы почувствовали Тан, тан фэн, китайские романы, а также глубокое чувство досуга, спокойствия и свободы в городе.
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  • deniselin
    Loves his family environment, very quiet, decorated in old style, breakfast freshly brewed coffee for free! to Xian will be staying in a hotel!
  • love20100908
    Surrounding environment good, breakfast is OK, room clean clean, and my hair
  • Mistywoods
    In addition to the room is a bit poor accident, everything else is perfect, restaurants are worth trying, pretty standard.
  • e04380057
    Well, next to the big wild goose pagoda, travel within walking distance! very classical
  • j0306d
    Environment is very simple, with its own characteristics. from the big wild goose pagoda, hibiscus Park, Shaanxi History Museum are very close, very convenient.
  • nicetoo
    Location good hotel the Chambers will be able to see the big wild goose pagoda a quiet place is the bathroom a bit small shower room is a barrel without separation of dry and wet but breakfast very good variety of flavored coffee
  • castrate
    Accommodation and catering and the surrounding goose? proposal package and benefits, promotion and extension of check out time for two days.
  • e05735484
    Elegant, simple, comfortable, quiet Plaza.
  • angeljan2008
    Hotel very unique! room very comfortable! awesome! go out the big wild goose pagoda! quiet! transportation is also convenient! very nice experience! drawback is the bathroom mirror is too high! down back here! featured hotels!
  • benbendoors
    Hotel location is very good, just beside the big wild goose pagoda ... attractions around a lot, not far from the entrance is the musical fountain, evening performance. hotels mainly catering mainly, and tastes very good, price is little expensive. not much room, a large room, bathroom small, no bathtub.
  • sageamy
    Room more stark
  • clnerry
    Stay two nights, is to change the hotel, children don't like tall buildings and had to stay
  • gaoedward
    Super nice hotel with lots of places around to eat and very near to the museum and the big pagoda. Totally recommend it to experience a traditional Chinese architecture style. Excellent service.
  • e01330762
    Environment is very good, is a layer of all the rooms, the door opens is elegant courtyard, looking up is the big wild goose pagoda, the traffic is very good, very satisfied!
  • focus_sang
    Under the Pagoda Hotel, location very good, the environment is also good is too far from the main station is not convenient.
  • BJSX4
    Locations have no say, and play is very convenient, very characteristic of antique hotel, the only inadequacy is that the room is too small,
  • gfdbd
    A very good environment
  • standincloud
    Dirty! is not worth that price! Hotel Chair, gave me a chewing gum sticky shoes! many other details are very dirty, which is itself the building sense, as a hotel, the price, the service is really worth!
  • soulnancy
    Very good hotel, quiet elegance and close to the big wild goose pagoda pedestrian zone. Room interior decoration, some old, some have water marks did not paint! Overall it feels good!
  • luye03
    Facility is too bad
  • Man.ocean
    Style features, travel convenience.
  • scacy
    Great location! beside the big wild goose pagoda! near! next time!
  • cutecicy
    Location good, see geese Tower of music fountain on several step. taxi came slightly inconvenience, Lotus road are is line. but walk shopping geese Tower square and to Datang Lotus Park is convenient. upstairs downstairs of suite, upstairs no bathroom, micro-not convenient. Chinese of big landing Windows, open is Park in, and no independent of Terrace, said is landscape also no see of, but Chinese House is such's. breakfast is General.
  • dapengpeng1987
    Very good, big wild goose pagoda can be seen in the hotel, walk around the scenery
  • sy_jxd
    Room environment is good, with a balcony on the first floor, the door is the big wild goose pagoda and yard Chinese style, was classical, breakfast
  • duanyu_210
    Very good location, hotel facilities old
  • Cindymvlen
    An absolute bargain, and environment on the absolute high, the only drawback is the breakfast
  • donnial
    Hotel is very unique, fully reflects the style of classical Chinese architecture, is both a garden and hotel. the hotel excellent location, big wild goose pagoda next door, traffic convenient, also a lot of food. in particular the hotel services, from arrival to departure were very intimate, it is excellent value for money experience.
  • crossevil
    All right
  • bigcallus
    Very special hotel and very happy experience, next time you visit XI ' an, select here
  • gboat_loo
    Travel booking hotels, transport facilities, services
  • alexyujian
    Next to the big wild goose pagoda, quaint hotel, quiet and comfortable. breakfast is great, kind, and even fresh salmon
  • fifi1992
    Hotels in scenic areas, Tang dynasty-style courtyard, atmosphere, landscape, is unique. also classical music performances in the evening, felt. a large room, facilities, bathroom small. can be used as a unique experience, stay one or two nights.
  • rabumi
    Hotel services and facilities a bit dated, bathroom not very reasonable
  • elyorsu
    Acient China Style with modern facility, quite impressive a hotel. Worth to visit.
  • bonnydly
    Well, next to the big wild goose pagoda ... quiet and convenient
  • Fleelove
    Prices slightly higher
  • cliff59
    Unfortunately, this Museum!
  • badgirl7788
    Environment is great antique hotels, sitting in the hospital, to see the big wild goose pagoda, the surrounding environment, than drum clean. the hotel also sent a small specialty in XI ' an. very good.
  • cameloasis
    Ancient flavor
  • jifuyu
    A little old, nice
  • nancy86910
    Forgot to take pictures, a good environment, there are gardens, then when you go to the Airport found wallet in the hotel, call hotel front desk, sent back on the same day, it's really good
  • babytanglei
    Very good
  • saimes
    Great location, hotel facilities.
  • e03151294
    Location advantage, but don't know the price
  • E04443131
    The hotel is easily accessible, the environment quite well, MOM and dad happy.
  • carrie009
    First-class hotel, the only downside is we set family suite without balcony. There are on the first floor, and late in the evening the kids shouted, affect the rest.
  • agneslxf
    Which is very nice
  • Devil_F
    Very distinctive hotel, it is worth
  • gowme
    Hotel location is very good, just beside the big wild goose pagoda ... attractions around a lot, not far from the entrance is the musical fountain, evening performance. hotels mainly catering mainly, and tastes very good, price is little expensive. not much room, small rooms.