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Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel Xi'an, それは古城西安国家5 A級観光の聖地である曲江の核心観光スポットに位置しています。北はアジアの大きな行列式音楽噴水を持つ大雁塔北広場にあります。西は1300年の風雨を経験し、国内外に名を知られる大雁塔と壁を隔てています。東は有名な唐大慈恩寺遺跡公園(春暁園)に臨みます。南は曲江大唐不夜城、大唐芙蓉園遥と照り映えています。
  • Xi'an Xianyang International Airportからホテルまでの距離はどのくらいですか?

    西安大唐博相府ホテル 空港へ30.9km。

  • 西安大唐博相府ホテルに空港シャトルバスのサービスはありますか?


  • 西安大唐博相府ホテルのチェックイン時間とチェックアウト時間はいつですか?

    チェックイン時間:14:00以降, チェックアウト時間:12:00前です。

  • 西安大唐博相府ホテルにプールとフィットネスはありますか?


  • 西安大唐博相府ホテル の敷地内にレストランはありますか?


  • 西安大唐博相府ホテルにはブロードバンドまたはWifiがありますか?


  • 西安大唐博相府ホテルは前払いを受け入れますか?


  • 西安大唐博相府ホテルはレジットカードでの決済を受け付けています?


  • 西安大唐博相府ホテル朝食はいくらですか?

    朝食 CNY98/人。

  • 西安大唐博相府ホテルの宿泊料金はいくらですか?


  • バルコニー付きの部屋タイプは?


クチコミ 詳細
  • Amblin
    All good! The food is not to my taste! Breakfast is a little less!
  • dapengpeng1987
    Very good. You can see the wild goose pagoda in the hotel. The scenery is just around
  • jianganggu
    The outer ring is good, the hotel facilities are relatively old, there is no environment, but the location is good, open the window to see the big wild goose pagoda
  • fllfll
    The facilities are too poor. Everything else is OK
  • apr_ying
    The location and environment were very good, the service was very friendly, but the room was too small
  • cpawjj
    It has the style of Datang, which is the main feature.
  • yfei_126
    The environment is super good! Superior geographical location! The facilities are a little old!
  • babytanglei
    very nice
  • simfly2000
    The location is very good. It's next to Dayan beach. If you get lost, you can find it by looking at Dayan beach. The service was considerate, the rooms were antique, the furniture was retro, and the courtyard had Chinese garden characteristics. The disadvantage is that the price of hotel dishes is more expensive.
  • wsb168
    I wanted to find something to eat in the middle of the night, but I told the chef that I couldn't do it after work. What kind of hotel is there!
  • lansiser
    The external environment of the hotel is very good, very close to the wild goose pagoda. It's just that I'm not very satisfied with the 800 room: the room is small, the shower is bad, and the floor drain in the bathroom is blocked. If you want to improve it, it's worth it if it's more expensive.
  • May_gu0109
    The environment is very good, the surrounding environment is also good!
  • scacy
    Good location! By the big wild goose pagoda! It's close! Stay next time!
  • a15053
    pretty good
  • castrate
    Accommodation, catering and surrounding wild geese?? It is recommended to have package and discount, stay for more than two days and extend the check-out time.
  • soulnancy
    The hotel environment is very good, quiet and elegant, and close to the Dayan Pagoda pedestrian area. The interior decoration of the room is a little old, some of which have water stains and have not been repainted! The overall feeling is very good!
  • Eric183cm
    Super characteristic hotel, good location and very good breakfast. It's acceptable that the bathroom is a little small.
  • crx318
    The location is very good. It's very close to the scenic spots when you go shopping. The hotel is antique. You can see the big wild goose pagoda when you look up. The only disadvantage is that the toilet is too small and the facilities are old
  • langlang777
    The environment is very good, the garden with Chinese characteristics, shopping around is also convenient
  • e03151294
    The location is very advantageous, but I don't know the price of the facilities
  • ring_cb
    The environment is good. The surrounding roads are inconvenient for traffic
  • c3a10
    The environment is very good. It would be better if the towels were better
  • littlecoco
    It is suggested that all visitors to the wild goose pagoda stay in this hotel. It is a great hotel and they will forget to return!
  • rabumi
    The service of the hotel is average, the facilities are a little old, and the toilet is not reasonable
  • cameloasis
    It's simple and full of flavor
  • Aiwa Yue
    The service was OK. The facilities are a little old. I don't have to say anything about the surroundings. It's great
  • e00025994
    The environment is very good and comfortable. The attitude of the hotel service staff is also very good. I like it! This hotel is the first choice when you go to Xi'an in the future. It is recommended that the floor of the room be mopped every day. The slippers are so dirty under your feet after wearing them~
  • gowme
    The location of the hotel is very good, just next to the wild goose pagoda. There are many scenic spots around. The music fountain is not far from the door. There is a performance in the evening. The hotel is mainly catering, and the taste is very good. The price is a little expensive. There are not many rooms. The rooms are not big.
  • amyj678
    Staying in this hotel is for the sake of antiquity! And known as the representative of Shaanxi government cuisine. Check in experience: environment 5 points! The hotel is a garden style building. It is highly recommended to stay in a house with balcony. You can breathe air. Close the balcony door. The room feels a little stuffy and suffocating. The restaurant is convenient and you can eat it in the hotel. The southern guests said that they are trying to adapt, and the fried sauce noodles are super appetizing! The hotel is located in the wild goose pagoda. Walking in the evening and morning is very recommended! It's also 10 minutes' walk to Hibiscus garden. Deficiency and improvement 1 eating only boiled water! Tea costs another way. In fact, if you calculate 5 yuan for tea alone, the guests can accept it, but obviously the tea in the hotel doesn't mean that. In fact, serving tea is the way of hospitality! I don't understand at all. Give guests boiled water for dinner! That's funny. 2 the wooden door of the balcony is very traditional, so it's troublesome to close it. One of us pushes it outside and the other pulls it inside.. Just close it.. Han....
  • love20100908
    The surrounding environment is good, the breakfast in the hotel is OK, the room is not clean, and there is hair
  • ldr1988
    The hotel is very good, the environment is very good, the garden view room is very beautiful, next to the big wild goose pagoda
  • e00148934
    The room is small and cool. It doesn't see sunshine all year round. It's uncomfortable to live in. But there's nothing to say about the service. The air conditioner gives you heating without heating. There are also fruit snacks. You can respond to requests. There are folk music performances in the evening, and the garden view is also good, but it's uncomfortable to live.
  • biu91223751
    My husband thinks it's a very down-to-earth Hotel, not bad
  • Climbing
    Advantages: good location, in the scenic spot. Disadvantages: small room.
  • jcind
    Except that the bathroom is a little small, everything else is very good, with beautiful environment and considerate service. It is very close to the scenic spot. There are fountain squares in front and behind. It is highly recommended!
  • Geoffcn
    It's very close to the wild goose pagoda, the hotel environment is good, and it's good to live occasionally!
    The environment, sanitation and service were all very good! Breakfast is average, which is inferior to the overall level of the hotel. The dishes have no characteristics and the dining environment is average.
  • allantsui
    There are tourist attractions around, quiet and good environment!
  • beginer2001
    It's a very sentimental shop. Dad likes it very much. The surroundings of the hotel are very good. It's worth a visit. The bathroom is too small.
  • alex406
    A good Boutique Hotel, there is a room close to the air conditioner, the noise is large, the environment in the yard is too good, and it is easy to attract mosquitoes. We made an early flight and the hotel prepared a portable breakfast
  • lj788
    The environment is very good! The hotel service is also very good!
  • max_max
    Not so bad
  • e02367474
    On the edge of the big wild goose pagoda scenic area, it's quiet in the noise! not bad It's worth recommending!
  • liuxuemin126
    The location is very good, the surrounding transportation is convenient, and there are many places to eat; Garden style housing, Tang style, equipped with a band; Rich breakfast styles; There are shortcomings in the United States. The Internet is slow.
  • mriafeng
    Very good environment, convenient transportation
  • e00148719
    The location is very good. It is close to the wild goose pagoda. It's very convenient for eating, shopping and sightseeing. Very Chinese courtyard, the room is also very characteristic, is a little small. The meal was delicious. The whole family thought it was good!
  • Doombringer
    Yes, it's antique. It's located in the prosperous area of Qujiang tourist area. Fortunately, it was upgraded to a family suite for free?! However, compared with big brands, hotel management is general, and some places look a little messy!
  • Antares1
    The environment is really good. It's a garden house. The room is a little small
  • ministeve
    The bathroom is too small for the hotel. The service is not up to the standard of the hotel. There is a wedding banquet the next day, and moving things late the day before, which affects the rest of the residents. I hope it can be improved.
  • calvinyun
    The room is quite large, especially the bathroom is quite tall, and the environment is also OK
  • donnial
    The hotel is very distinctive and fully reflects the style of Chinese classical architecture. It is both a garden and a hotel. The hotel has an excellent location, separated by a wall from the wild goose pagoda, with convenient transportation and a lot of delicious food. In particular, the service of the hotel is very considerate from check-in to check-out, which is a value for money experience.
  • e05653930
    The location is not bad. The hotel is on the left side of the one-way street. It's not easy to find the gate. It's because the first time I went there and drove, I turned right and passed it. After two rounds, I inquired about it on the side of the road and then I saw it. It's retrograde. Alas, the hotel should set up a signboard. I'm satisfied with everything else. It's worth living.
    Very good. The location of the room is very good. The service attitude is also very good. It's worth recommending.
  • moon_ll
    very good
  • peng9639
    not bad
  • liuweisongjing
  • ly303174453
    Very good. The music fountain and the wild goose pagoda are very close. You can see the wild goose pagoda at the head of the stage
  • baotou
    The hotel service was very good, the staff had a friendly attitude, the room facilities were complete, and fruits were given away every day. The buffet breakfast is rich in variety and tastes good. The small bridge and flowing water in the hotel are typical Chinese characteristics. The dinner atmosphere is very good and the dishes are also good.
  • icewind5
    Very good
  • Barbara Cattle Apple
    Close to the wild goose pagoda, music fountain, it's wonderful.