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Xi 'an during the Spring Festival travel hot hotel reservation promptly

Date: 2018-02-09

The pace of the Spring Festival is getting closer, I believe many people have begun to arrange the Spring Festival holiday, so in xi 'an this year to travel each big travel agency registration of what is going on?At the same time, during the Spring Festival in the case of xi 'an booking hotel and how?Reporter.

On February 3, the reporter visited xi 'an several travel agencies respectively.A travel agency staff said, now has entered the Spring Festival travel peak, signing up and outbound tourism registration of this Spring Festival travel tourists than usual increased, supporters are very tight.

Xi 'an some travel agency staff: "we go abroad (machine), and sell more fiery, like now (February) 16, 17, 18, essentially all seats have been sold out."

This year, the staff said, the outbound tourism application focus areas are mainly concentrated in southeast Asia, heat island swims.

Xi 'an some travel agency staff: "now most customer consultation, especially Thailand more fiery, Bali is more popular, while others, such as Vietnam nha trang, these are all recent near point consulting passenger travel destination."

The reporter understands, during the Spring Festival in swim like hainan, xiamen, yunnan these places to sign up to be a little more passengers.Unlike in previous years is that, with the west into the high-speed railway opening, some people will choose to go to chengdu to celebrate the Spring Festival.Visitors can choose from the lunar month, 28 to focus on travel during the annual lunar calendar.During the Spring Festival is given priority to with family travel more, and prices and in previous years is not too big change.In order to have better travel experience, suggest you choose before or after peak travel.

Understanding after the Spring Festival travel, let's say, xian hotel reservation during Spring Festival.This morning, the reporter also visited many different accommodation hotels in xian city.One of the hotel staff said, common standard rooms, for example, from February 15 to 22, this several days, prices on the rise.

Xi 'an a hotel front desk staff 1: "it the price is not stable, 15, is 239 yuan, 16, 289 yuan, 17, 449 yuan until 22 is 449 yuan."

In another hotel, the staff recommended booking to hasten, book the hotel is the best choice in the near future.

Xi 'an a hotel front desk staff 2: "may (Spring Festival), no room (800) during the Spring Festival."

Reporter: "that how much is it now?"

Xi 'an, a hotel front desk staff 2: "400 (RMB)."

Reporter: "probably when up?"

Xian a hotel front desk staff 2: "on February 16, 16, is about the price."

The reporter understands, the Spring Festival travel drive, from annual grade to which the hotel accommodation during the most in demand.In this also remind everybody, booking hotel also should pay attention to check the hotel's business license and other relevant qualifications, ask invoice issued in advance, and so on and so forth, to understand confirm before booking.