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"Slow city" DingAn travelocity invite xi folk music enjoy "slow life"

Date: 2013-11-21

On November 21, DingAnXian first entered the xi 'an city image promotion. In 2013, hainan DingAn city image, promote health and tourism real estate exhibition press conference, leading to xi 'an citizens from hainan DingAnXian repeated advertising to promote the city AD: "slow city health DingAn in hainan. Promotional activities will be this month 22-24 held in qujiang international exhibition center, the unique charm of hainan DingAn element will bloom in shaanxi. It is reported that nearly 30 from DingAn local real estate development enterprises, more than set of classic tourist real estate vacant.
The reporter learns from the conference, this exhibition activities organized by DingAn county wei county government, hainan daily newspaper group, the theme of "slow city in hainan, keeping in good health DingAn", including DingAnXian travel health real estate display exhibition and DingAnXian city image promotion activities.
According to introducing, this exhibition, DingAn boutique travel health median home price 4800 yuan/square meters, the lack of haikou half of the price of the house. During the promotional activity, xi 'an citizens can not only choose affordable in the green sea travel health properties, can enjoy more from hainan tropical amorous feelings of the shows. With the speeding up of globalization and urbanization, the city image is taken seriously increasingly, shaping the image of the city is the development and utilization of urban intangible asset. 2013 hainan DingAn city image to promote health and tourism real estate exhibition, exhibition activities to link, by means of media communication, in order to "+ + features in city mainstream media", promote DingAn city image, promote DingAnXian property project sales.
Through a series of theme activities and promote to DingAn "slow city in hainan province health DingAn" card of tourism real estate, hainan towards the national market, improve the visibility and reputation of DingAnXian and influence, so as to promote DingAnXian continuous, healthy and orderly development of tourism real estate purposes; By the activity of propaganda work, summed up the practical and feasible marketing model, based on hainan, to promote the city, create DingAn city image brand.
DingAn northeastern hainan island in the middle of the slant, with haikou, the drive to haikou city only 30 minutes by car, about 20 minutes' drive to the meilan international airport, almost with haikou city, but relaxed town DingAn life, there is no "city disease". DingAn landscape tiancheng, life content mound, natural and human environment. Has the reputation of "slow city" in hainan DingAnXian, urbanites yearn side pure land, is the ideal place to travel health.
DingAnXian forest coverage rate reached 58%, air negative oxygen ion content of up to 10000 / cm after. South of birthplace wenbifeng Taoism, elegant as poem in which both are located in DingAnXian nanli lake. On June 17, DingAnXian was named the first "China tropical volcanic cold spring of the township". DingAn long WenTang volcano in cold spring, which is found in China's largest tropical selenium-rich cold spring, perennial water temperature of 23 ~ 25 ℃, the springs are rich in selenium, germanium and other element of antitumor cancer, long-term drinking, bubble bath, can make the person find the scenery pleasing to both the, prolong life.