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Xi 'an will build 12 major tourist zones

Date: 2013-12-07

Shaanxi xi 'an government executive meeting of the principle through the xi 'an tourism development planning (revision) "(2013-2020). Xi 'an will build 12 big tourist zones, vigorously develop tourism. Domestic visitors to 2020, 190 million, 3 million tourists from entry, tourism revenues of more than 180 billion yuan.
Target tourism revenue exceeds 180 billion yuan in 2020
According to the planning, xi "an tourism development goal is:" the tourism development become the xi 'an strategic pillar industry of national economy and people more satisfied modern service industry ", "make the xi 'an international metropolis and the international first-class tourist destination city". By the end of 2016 had received 146 million tourists from domestic tourists 146 million person-time, immigration, tourism revenue of 114 billion yuan, the added value of tourism more than 75 billion yuan; In 2020, had received 190 million tourists from domestic tourists 190 million person-time, immigration, tourism revenues of more than 180 billion yuan. Through implement the strategy of transformation and upgrading, big city promotion strategy, industry integration strategy, concentrated area leading strategy, market bottleneck breakthrough strategy, implementation of xi 'an tourism development goals.
Landscape reconstruction to build 12 "big tourism zones"
The plan, the original is reconstructed relatively scattered tourism resources. Xi 'an will be in accordance with the "foothold in guanzhong, eagerly anticipates the mark for the day, radiation northwest, development of xi 'an" train of thought, frame "three heart a nuclear lead, ascending, the development of three zones" of the spatial pattern, the implementation of "one axis and three times, and progressive, whole space" of the spatial development strategy.
"A nuclear" refers to xi 'an city.
"Three heart" lintong international tourism city - xi 'an Qin Tang cultural experience and the hot spring resort tourism base; West salty district tourism city - a modern rural urban leisure service base; Xianyang cultural tourism city, qin and han dynasties culture experience and ecological leisure tourism base.
"Three zones" refers to the qinling mountain leisure experience, WeiShui ecological rest part, historical and cultural experience of weihe river.
"One axis" refers to the silk road tourism development axis.
"Three times" on the above, namely the suburban ring open outer suburbs on the above, "big xi 'an tourism vision" ring ring.
At the same time, will build 12 "big tourism zones", namely, the ancient city of tourism cluster areas, qujiang cultural tourism cluster areas, lintong Qin Tang culture and holiday tourism cluster areas, action Ba international conference and ecological holiday gathering area, qinling ZhongNaShan world geological park core agglomeration area, Qin Linglou view that cultural tourism agglomeration area, southern ecological cultural tourism cluster areas, contribution to the national park hot spring leisure vacation gathering area, zhou qin and han dynasties tourism agglomeration area, between the han emperor cultural tourism agglomeration area, qin GongWenHua experience tourism agglomeration district of xianyang and xi 'an FanChuan buddhist inquiry into tourism cluster areas. Will revolve around "xian, the ancient capital of the world", "silk road starting point", "international famous mountains of qinling," three top brand monopoly tourism, shaping China silk road travel, history and culture taste swam, emperor city history, walking slowly, the city of museum tourism experience tour and other 21 tourist products.
Image to promote construction of the three major tourism image area
Increase the xi 'an tourism image promotion, by distributing public area tourism construction, in xi 'an xianyang international airport, railway station, north district, such as image area, using large LED display, light boxes, billboards, scroll to broadcast propaganda, focusing on "landscape city" and Chinese tourism image.
At the same time, the drum tower, wall, qujiang cultural scenic area, the forest of steles museum, easy common club, 51 theatre, xi 'an art academies, build "humanities in xian city tourism image area; With high and new technology development zone, xi 'an economic and technological development zone, Guo Du university as the backing, to create "science and education of xi 'an tourism image area; In action Ba biome world garden expo park, qinling ecological tourism scenic spots, such as building "ecological xian" tourism image area. At the same time, the action Ba salty biome, lintong international tourism city, west district east new town is being in key areas, on behalf of the internationalization of xi 'an tourism image planning design and construction of large-scale tourism new landmark.