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The western old industry expo will be held on October 17 in xi 'an

Date: 2014-08-22

As a new starting point of the silk road in shaanxi province economic zone construction actively, the service "sunset" cause of hundreds of millions of elderly people into the booming chaoyang enterprises, give full play to the radiation and driving effects of exhibition economy, promote shaanxi aging industry development, promote the healthy development of the western old industry information center, shaanxi old run by the old host, shaanxi zhenhua international exhibition company, shaanxi old newspaper to undertake the aging industry in western China's fair (hereinafter referred to as "old west exposition") will be on October 17, 2014-19 held in xi 'an qujiang international exhibition center.
At present, the number of elderly people aged 60 and above in China has been more than 200 million, accounting for 14.9% of the total population, the future will increase at an annual rate of 8.6 million people, the elderly population in 2050 is expected to reach 450 million people, accounting for one-third of the total population. According to shaanxi province old do statistics, this year the province's population will reach 5.484 million people over 60, accounting for 14.61% of the total number of the province's population. According to the calculation, in the next period, shaanxi elderly population will be rising at an annual rate of 200000 people. With the accelerating population aging process, the elderly pension service demand will be increasing, according to research firm predicts that by 2020, the Chinese older market scale will reach 3.3 trillion yuan. Develop the aging industry, fill the elderly consumer market "short board", has become an objective requirement.
Old west exposition to "take care of the elderly health, developing aging industry" as the theme, with aging industry exhibition zone, endowment real estate exhibition, geriatric rehabilitation nursing, health health exhibition galleries, pension service, tourism exhibition, through project promotion, trade negotiations, exhibition display, theme activities, such as content, promote aging career development in the west and introduction of aging industry new technology, new products, new ideas, to build the western region aging industry show exchanges cooperation platform. The exhibit an area of 10000 square meters, will also be held during the period of "the Chinese filial piety culture and aging industry development in western China BBS", "the second session of the golden wedding ceremony" in shaanxi province, healthy lecture, yizhen activities, etc. Organizing committee will through TV, newspaper, magazine, Internet, outdoor and other media channels for the show the comprehensive propaganda and reporting, all-around all-around build brand aging industry exhibition in the west of China.
West old expo since begin preparing, obtained the national aging aging information centre, shaanxi province run unit aging committee members support, shaanxi province, municipalities do actively cooperate with and participate in aging, aging in shaanxi, the shaanxi provincial institute of gerontology, China aging development foundation career development institute, shanxi ecological pension association, in Shanxi Province health association and other organizations and units also actively involved in the preparations.
At the appointed time, aging industry experts and scholars at home and abroad, the old machine service industry management, the old production enterprises and units will gather on old institutions, such as xi 'an, is focused on the silver industry, this paper discusses the development of older industries, mining gold business opportunities, a total of aging industry development.
Old west exposition need attention and support from all walks of life, the organizing committee sincerely invites all over the country aging industry, involving the old enterprises exhibitors. Looking forward to your participation!