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Date: 2014-10-09

As the birthplace of Chinese civilization, xian has a long history and culture accumulation is very thick, is the People's Republic of China promulgated the first batch of national historical and cultural city. As the world's four major ancient civilization (xian), Athens, Rome, Cairo, one of the unique tourism resources, is a famous historic city in the world. Xi 'an main cultural tourist attractions
The Terra Cotta Warriors, the wild goose pagoda and small wild goose pagoda, the city wall, bell tower, drum tower, huaqing pool, shaanxi history museum, museum of xi 'an forest of steles, datang furong garden, da national park, e pang gong site, le tour, Tang Changan city wall ruins park, QuJiangChi park, tang big temple ruins park, hanyang mausoleum museum garden, datang west city, college doors, mount li, xi 'an incident, shoryuji, xi 'an banpo site, site of the eight immortals, hongmen banquet site temples, big temple, emperor qin shi huang military straight, the western zhou dynasty is being CheMaKeng, CAI wenji's tomb, weeks to old town in nature reserve, the old cow slope site, oak activation of site, halal temple bianfudong, xianyou temple, cemetery, east nutrient-laden bridge site, Yang qin tomb ii hu hai, jia noon platform, gaos thought compound, xiang zi temple, the god of wealth bang hometown, hometown of doors of site...
Xi 'an mainly modern leisure attractions, shopping, snack street
Wild goose pagoda north square, datang city that never sleeps, action Ba biome/small village, east street, west street, south street, north street, lies the city walking street, lane Kang Fulu, golden flower/powder, telford alley, hui street...
The traffic
1. Aviation: located on the outskirts of northwest of xi 'an, xianyang, xi 'an xianyang airport contacts with domestic cities and Japan, Thailand, South Korea and other countries of the flights. 47 kilometers from the center of xi 'an airport, the airport highway connected, by the city can be up to 1 hour or so. From xi 'an city to take a taxi to the airport fee is 100 yuan, the airport bus 25 yuan/person.
2. The train: xi 'an communication is north China, east China, central south China, central plains southwest and northwest railway hub, has sent to the cities of the country's trains. Xi 'an railway station located in the northeast of the city, outside the wall area, suntech gate on the east side. More than the city bus lines can reach.
3. The highway: the national second big xian is second only to Beijing road transport hub, the city has multiple long-distance bus terminal, there are sent to other provinces and counties in the province of more than 300 passenger transportation class line.
Accommodation: xian is a very mature tourism city, the current price is the highest in xian shangri-la hotel, xian people's mansion, sofitel five pair of shangri-la prices at about 1500 yuan/night, sofitel between senior price is in 1000 yuan/s later. Other expensive kempinski hotel and sheraton hotel in xian and xian. At the same time, xi 'an youth hostel and family inn is very much. As in foreign backpackers acclaimed tide yi hotel is located in the center of xi 'an, the han and tang dynasties, is the city god temple near tower and snack street "hui street", a single standard rooms of about 150 yuan, about 40 yuan/person for 6. Price is quite academy international youth hostel is also very popular with foreigners.
Main characteristic of spicy delicious xi 'an cuisine extremely the guanzhong traditional flavor. The first bowl, for example, is known as "day" of the one hundred - year - old old saying restaurant of beef and mutton bubble, xi 'an restaurant of flavor snack, DeFaChang dumplings, DE lloyds ready and crystal cake, rosefinch grain dining room of steamed pork with rice flour, head bubble occurred in the spring of gourd, fengxiang of shanbei MiZhi donkey preserved meat, money board intestinal xian is a famous food.
Convenient for beef and mutton bubble, xi 'an Huang Gui thick wine, Joan pan ready and crystal bread, sugar, German lloyds replica qin Terra Cotta Warriors, lintong county fire persimmon
In west YangShi and wide street intersection near is a good place, where the owner business is pretty good, green bean cake, tendrils sugar, sour plum powder, dry jujube, kiwi and other specialty available there.