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April snow!Beijing vallely lingshan snow mountains, in the spring season into a silvery white world

Date: 2022-04-28

Recently, due to the impact of cold air in Beijing today, the temperature in urban area in rainfall, and in places such as Beijing west lingshan, the baihua unexpectedly for a snowfall.Against the white snow, lingshan river river village at the foot of a second back to winter, the snow mountains in the distance, snowflakes fall in the housing and the trees, the whole village like fairy tale world, quiet and peaceful.
Before the weather of Beijing hot for summer trend gradually but with a new round of cold air coming, flutter in 27 morning the snow, and in front of the village road is full of snow, many villagers again put on coats.Now, though, are fast into the summer, also can see the wonderful sight also really let a person pleasantly surprised!
It caused a lot of netizens, some netizens said I thought it is a poem: door head, ditch, snow.Have net friend say snow is not uncommon, have grievances also not strange, and no causal two things at the same time.Some netizens said Beijing surrounded on three sides by mountains and faces the lingshan mountain is higher than mount tai, climb suitable air condensation, snow could, of course.
Today the weather now, clothes don't have to pick up all the year round, for a rainy day.