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How differences in the innovation of the European luxury hotel with mid-range hotel provide personalized experience?

Date: 2018-10-16

Hotel market in Europe and the United States, the biggest difference between the two lies in their respective brands and the number of the hotel brand.

The trend of industry observer is both good and bad.Not the same specification product differentiation is obvious, but many European countries against the characteristics of analysis, from the overall judgment the European hotel market trends.

The travel industry analysts to judge the trend of industry by industry solid returns.The topic about the European hotel industry innovation, three long focused on tracking changes the situation of the industry experts give their insights and perspectives.

The three industry experts, respectively is Serbia travel consultants Horwath HTL managing partner of Sini š a Topalovi level, euromonitor international tourism industry consultant Wouter Geerts global strategy consultants Roland Berger partner from Germany and Alexis Gardy.The following dialogue records to Skift interview three people.

Skift: first of all, please talk about why the hotel innovation from Europe the place to start.

Sini š a Topalovi level: in Europe, a very large proportion to total number of hotel chain hotel, on the one hand because of Germany, Austria, Italy, France and other places the hotel culture has a long history, every country has a lot of family hotel.In this case, the country can develop more market opportunities.On the other hand, due to the different nations have different consumer preferences, the hotel chain in these places is not very successful.The hotel industry is completely different with the United States.In the United States, is the development of hotel industry beginning to take the same development pattern, so pay more attention to development of the hotel chain.

This is why Europe pay more attention to specific market innovative products, these products special attention in the design of each contact in the process of the user experience.Vacations for family groups to provide quality products, for example, Kinder resort Hotels, providing a unique viewing experience Loisium Wine and Spa Resorts, etc.Both hotel brand concept originated in Austria.

Alexis Gardy: in Europe, a similar innovation is endless, but the obvious features of the whole hotel market fragmentation, it is difficult to assess the market as a whole innovation level.Even so, the Dutch do better in terms of innovation.Dutch people by education degree is high, high internationalization level, capacity in understanding the different needs of customers is also very strong, and largely benefited from the visitors from other European countries).