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China's largest marriott hotel over guangzhou China hotel on November 1, from the marriott

Date: 2018-10-22

Guangzhou China hotel is the first sino-foreign cooperative domestic large five-star hotel, opened in 1984, and the white swan, garden, the Oriental hotel in guangzhou in the 80 s the most exotic place, has also been identified as the historic buildings in guangzhou in 2014.

China joined the marriott hotel in 1998, it is also one of the earliest marriott hotels in China, is also China's largest marriott hotel, have 850 guest room.

Contract signed 20 years, China's hotel in guangzhou with marriott, the expiration of the term of the contract will be held on October 31, November 1, from the marriott.

Guangzhou China hotel issued a statement before National Day

Hotel is located in guangzhou city in the heart of the central section, opposite the hotel is located in bustling downtown liuhua JiaoYiGuan, five-star hotel, apartment, and the main commercial buildings, office buildings and shopping malls) of three parts.Adjacent to sun yat-sen memorial hall, the western han dynasty nanyue king's tomb museum, location.

This is also the earliest hotel subway export superior position in China, China hotel is at the gate of yuexiu park station.

Guangzhou China hotel opened in 1984, is China's first sino-foreign joint venture hotel, the hotel developers is the Hong Kong new world development, cheung kong, Henderson, sun hung kai properties, hopewell holdings and sun hung kai securities firms.

At the beginning of the reform and opening up, guangzhou invited Hong Kong entrepreneurs to invest in the mainland.During the talks, patriotic hong kong-invested Gordon wu put forward to Suggestions from the construction of hotels, and get together to attend the li ka-shing, Guo Desheng, Feng Jingxi, Mr Lee shau-kee and cheng yu-tung agreed., they raised hk 文章 billion to form the new synthesis co., LTD., and put forward Gordon wu for the general manager, in charge of planning and construction.

In April 1980, the new synthesis with the guangzhou municipal government signed a contract of construction of China hotel., both sides agreed by party a with free land (guangzhou), party b (the new synthesis) to raise money to construction, and with 20 years for a period, the period of independent operation, by party b after the expiration of all property in normal business case handed over to party a.

Thus, starting the BOT mode (construction - operation - transfer) precedent.Guangzhou China hotel became China's first entirely by enterprises with foreign investment and management.

Guangzhou China hotel

So far, which opened in 1984, China hotel has always been one of the best hotels in guangzhou.And in the early days, as China's five-star hotel model, training a large number of hotel management talents.

Gordon wu of vision thinking, has won widespread praise, its engineer level also get affirmation and praise, and won the second prize of China's best design award and the national ministry of construction building.At the same time, he will also is a world leading technology and equipment, "sliding mode" in after the completion of the hotel, all presented in guangdong province.

Renovated in 1998.At present the hotel owner is guangzhou lingnan group.

Delisting marriott, the hotel will include lingnan system.

Lingnan group and members of the SLH, guangzhou best boutique hotel - guangzhou lingnan 5, and another legendary hotel, garden hotel in guangzhou.

Lingnan group chief executive should be the original Beijing JW GM opened in Shanghai.Lingnan hotel brands including the lingnan number five, lingnan garden hotel, lingnan Oriental hotel, lingnan garden resort hotel, lingnan garden hotel five hotel brands, and lingnan selected hotels, nearly 50 series brand hotel.